Y&YW’s Yasmin Laggoune embarks on the 12-week plan in a bid to shift those unwanted extra pounds.

We’ve all been there, rolling around on the bed or sucking in the stomach in order to zip up what were once perfectly fitting jeans. With your wedding day just weeks away, squeezing into outfits should be the last of your worries. I’ve scrolled through endless web pages in search for the perfect diet and every time I decide on one I find myself devouring a cheese board and drinking a bottle of red wine. But after being so close to admitting defeat I was inspired to give the whole diet thing one more try, with the Wedding Dress Diet Plan…

The hype

It was the success stories and before and after photos that captured my attention; not only had these women lost a lot of weight but it was all achieved in the space of 12 weeks. I downloaded the e-book which ended up becoming my diet bible, fitting perfectly into my handbag. The book is filled with advice, a diary and recipes which even me, the let’s-just-get-a-take-away kinda girl can follow.

Nicky, the founder of the Wedding Dress Diet Plan truly inspired me into getting in shape. She shed a phenomenal 36lbs in only 12 weeks, in time for her beautiful beach wedding. She was motivated to change her eating habits when she was faced with disappointment whilst standing in front of a mirror in her dream dress. She then realised that it wasn’t the dress that was the problem but the extra two and half stone she was carrying.

The diet

During Nicky’s first week on the diet she lost an impressive 9lbs, so, with that in mind, I decided to give it a go. The day started with a fruit smoothie which was delicious and light, leaving me feeling less bloated than usual. By 11am I was craving my usual chocolate fix, but this was replaced with a yoghurt pot which surprisingly satisfied me until lunch.

Next up was an oriental tuna steak which was made the night before using all the ingredients and method featured in the e-book. The biggest challenge for me came at midday when I usually would be drinking a mug of English breakfast with two sugars, but I had to swap this for green tea. Initially I was unimpressed and the withdrawal from caffeine left me feeling deflated, but this eventually changed. I became used to the taste, and not only does green tea speed up your metabolism but it burns extra calories, too!

With the day finally over I wanted a meal that was going to be quick and hassle free, so chicken stir fry was on the menu, which only took twenty minutes to cook. Perfect timing for me to put my feet up and catch the end of that film I fell asleep to last night…

There are many delicious dishes that the e-book provides you with, and to my surprise I’m actually allowed a treat day! So my usual girly Saturday lunches have not been affected whatsoever, and when the waiter asks if I would like fries or salad with that I can say ‘fries please’ feeling guilt free!

The results

I only wanted to lose 11lbs and this was done in the space of just 3 weeks. I’ve recommended this diet to friends and family. It’s a healthy and enjoyable way to lose weight, and not only that, but my cooking skills have improved, too! My energy levels are sky high meaning that I’m now waking up earlier, leaving me plenty of time to do my make-up rather than being dragged out of bed 20 minutes before leaving the house.

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