My wedding date is 8th April 2017, I had been to a wedding dress appointment in June and some of the size 16 dresses couldn’t even do up! I did find a dress I liked but didn’t feel like a bride in it. So I decided now was the time to start, I have plenty of time to lose the weight, but wanted to retrain my habits also. I wanted to lose at least 2.5 stone.

I get regular emails form confetti and one of them was the wedding dress diet, reading the testimonials and the fact that it was on sale spurred me to sign up. I received my diet bible 2 days later and went shopping. Used my Grandchildren to eat up all the cakes, biscuits, chocolate & crisps I had in the house and started on Monday morning. I lost 2lb a day for 1st 3 days, and by day 7 had lost 9lb!

I used the recipes for inspiration but mainly mixed it up a bit. I so enjoyed how refreshing some of the meals were, I looked forward to the new flavours and tried foods I didn’t think I’d like, like avocado & green tea. I do have to remember to drink lots of water which I’ve never been good at. I have a 2 pint drinking bottle, so I know if I’ve filled it up again during the day, I’m on my way to doing the 4 pint minimum.

I feel so much better for it, no more bloated belly, I’m wearing a dress as I write this that I wouldn’t have worn a week ago, because of my belly. I move more now. Usually on a Sunday I wouldn’t leave the house unless I had to, but I actually took myself on a day trip to a museum, packing my healthy snacks and water so I wouldn’t be tempted by sweet or fattening treats.

I would definitely recommend this diet, it’s so easy. Plus it provides tips to maintain it once it’s over.