Our Senior Brand Salesperson, Michaela Montague, is after her dream summer body and decided to try out The Wedding Dress Diet. Read all about her incredible experience here!

So, summer is nearly here and I wanted a diet to really kick start my weight loss. When I stood in from of the mirror in my bikini I really was not happy. I have tried a few diets, but been unsuccessful and then, I came across the Wedding Dress Diet – when I saw the success stories I knew I had to try it. When I first read the diet, I was a little apprehensive, how was I going to survive on a low-calorie diet, and hardly no carbs? (I’m the kind of girl who loves a nice bacon sandwich!) I knew I was definitely going to miss the savoury snacks. But, with a clear plan and six weeks ahead of me, I was ready. I took my before picture and that made me even more determined – I wanted to lose my belly and big hips and fast. Like Nicola, I have a very busy work life and I’m a single mum so balancing and convenience is key.

The Diet
Day One wasn’t too bad, I downloaded an app to keep a clear record of how many calories I was consuming. My tummy was rumbling a little bit but the excitement of the diet kept me going. Drinking plenty of water really helped, also flavoured green tea – the peach and cherry blossom flavour was definitely my favourite. The poached eggs and asparagus for breakfast was surprisingly satisfying. I have avoided asparagus in the past as I just didn’t think I fancied it but I was pleasantly surprised. I weighed myself the next day and I had lost 1lb. Okay, it was only one, but I was definitely going in the right direction. As the week went on it did get tricky, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it, but the filling porridge on Thursday gave me hope that I could do this.
Training at the gym was a bit harder than normal, with my body getting used to less carbs but I was able to continue the same training I had been doing previously just as well so it goes to show that before I was eating far more than needed.

At the end of the first week, I couldn’t believe it I had lost 4lbs, wow I was so pleased! I felt amazing, my skin looked fresher and I actually had more energy. It was great and gave me the motivation I needed to continue. Playing around with different recipes was fun too, the tequila and lime chicken was amazing and has to be my favourite.
My relationship with food has changed completely and it is no longer my enemy! I enjoy eating healthily and no longer feel like I‘m missing out. I treated myself to a few extra carbs for one meal a week, but by the fourth week I didn’t feel like I needed it.

The Results
So it’s the last day today and my final weigh in is, 10.1 stone! I started at 11.2 so I’m very pleased. In my opinion this is a great diet, with actual results and it is not just some fad diet that I can’t keep up. The things that I have learnt will definitely stay with me and I’m going to continue my weight loss journey as I want to lose another half a stone and I’m confident that by sticking to this diet I will.

Thank you so much Nicola and Rachel for this amazing diet, Brides to be if you’re looking for a great diet to fit into your dream dress, then look no further than The Wedding Dress Diet Plan!

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