I never imagined that reading an article would give me a new lease of life!

As a little girl Jenna Holmes from Bognor Regis in West Sussex harboured the white-frock fantasy, but wearing a dress-size 18 and weighing 14 stone, Jenna’s childhood dream of wearing the ultimate fairytale dress couldn’t be further from reality, until she found an old friend in a new book that is.

“Weighing 14 stone and 10lb I felt miserable as I flicked through a copy of a wedding magazine and admired all the svelte brides,” says Jenna. “With a year to go until my wedding day I had found many dresses that I admired, I just couldn’t fit in any of them.”

After years of yoyo dieting and getting nowhere, Jenna thought she was destined to wear plus-size clothes for the rest of her life. “I was flicking through a bridal magazine when I came across an article about a lady called Nicky who had lost three stone of weight in three months in preparation for her wedding.  Reading the article instantly made me feel excited because unlike similar articles, I felt an instant connection with Nicky and I could relate to her story so much.”

Jenna says she felt low in confidence, unfit and not herself, and Nicky’s story gave her hope that within a three-month period she could change her figure dramatically, just as Nicky had. “After reading the article I instantly went online, ordered the e-book and started the diet the next day.”

After just two days following the plan Jenna had lost 4lb. “I found the diet plan easy to understand and I was ecstatic to see the figure on the scales go down instead of up. The instant loss kept me motivated and determined to stick to the plan to achieve my dream figure.”

As a mother of one, Jenna says she found the Wedding Dress Diet fitted into family life well. “I found it easy to cook delicious healthy meals that were within the boundaries of the diet, whilst still satisfying my child and partner.”

To the amazement of Jenna’s friends and family after four-weeks she had lost a stone in weight.  “I was shocked at how well I was doing just by following some simple rules. Sometimes when you think something is too good to be true it normally is, but that certainly wasn’t the case for this diet, which was doing exactly what it said it would in the article.”

Jenna says the instant loss and the comments friends and family were making about her weight was giving her the motivation to continue. “There was an immediate change in my waistline which led to an instant change in my wardrobe and then style.

“My clothes started to feel baggy after the first few weeks, fast-forward a few more weeks and I was shopping for a size 16, followed by a 14, followed by a 12. All in three-months – it was crazy.”

After the 12-week plan Jenna had lost two-and-a-half stone and was wearing a size 14 jeans for the first time in three-years.

“I lost the weight three-months ago, and have re-read the e-book at regular intervals since to keep myself on track so that I don’t pile the weight back on.  I now regard the book as an old, trusted friend and owe it so much.”

Jenna says unlike before she is now enjoying wedding dress shopping to find that perfect dress. “Before the weight loss I couldn’t fit in any wedding dresses I liked, but now I can fit in so many that I have too much choice. I’m so glad that I trusted my instincts and gave this diet a go. The change in my weight has given me an appetite for the future and a new lease of life. I couldn’t praise the Wedding Dress Diet enough.”

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