How Nicky Lost a staggering 3 stone in 12 weeks using The Wedding Dress Diet Plan. Here’s her story…

It’s February 2011, having just booked my October wedding in Cyprus I distinctly remember looking in the mirror and feeling utterly down and depressed. For what was going to be one of the most important days of my life, my main worry was how I was going to look on the big day.

Of course I was very excited about the wedding and had really set my heart on a short fitted dress. After hours and hours of research and visiting lots of wedding shops I finally fell upon the perfect dress. The problem was I literally only just fit into the size 14-16. I remember being horrified that I was literally hanging over the top of the dress. I felt very unhappy and unconfident. This certainly wasn’t what I had envisaged for my special day. When I left the wedding dress shop that day I told the owner of the shop

“I’m going to be a size 10 when I come back for my fitting in three months”

She gave me her best heard it all before smile. Let me tell you this motivated me even more. I was going to lose the weight. I just needed the perfect diet plan.

I researched lots of diets online but I didn’t find one that suited my busy lifestyle, especially working full time with a young child. To be honest I was getting quite confused with all the information that was out there. I was getting more and more depressed about my weight and couldn’t decide which diet plan to follow.

I decided to create my own diet plan that would work for me. I felt ready to get out of this vicious circle and do something about my weight.

The time had come, I was ready to challenge myself and diet like I had never done before following my own simple rules, which I felt sure would work.

I bought myself a blank notebook to use a food and weight diary and wrote the date and start weight to one side and then listed every food item and calorific value consumed each day. I also invested in some scales that showed quarter and half pounds and monitored my weight daily. Each and every day I was losing weight, and let me tell you this was a big motivator for me. Staggeringly after just seven days I’d lost 9lb. Now I knew this was the real deal. I had the right mind set to continue and most importantly the belief I could achieve my goal.

I had proved to myself I could lose the weight and if I could achieve this level of success in my first week imagine what I could do with eleven more weeks.

After just 12 weeks I lost 3 stone. I remember walking back into the wedding dress shop and the owner was astounded, she could not believe the amount of weight that I had lost in such a short period of time. My dress went from a size UK 14-16 to a size UK 8-10 in just 12 weeks.

I was finally happy with my image, no hiding from cameras, brimming with confidence I could just enjoy my day.

I would like to share my diet secrets with you!

The 12 week diet plan is available for £9.99 for a limited time only at A full money back guarantee is offered if you’re not entirely satisfied.

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