I’ve never attempted a diet, mainly because all it takes is for a birthday cake to appear in the office and before I know it my willpower has crumbled as quickly that delicious slice of chocolate cake.

We’ve all looked in the mirror and not felt 100% happy with our weight. Whether it’s the muffin top or the wobbly arms these problem areas become amplified when you are on the search for a wedding dress!

So, with a holiday on the horizon and the dreaded bikini purchase still to come, I decided to get beach body gorgeous and try The Wedding Dress Diet Plan.

What’s it all about?

I was inspired to try the diet when I spied the amazing success story of Nicky (pictured), the founder of the Wedding Dress Diet Plan. Nicky was motivated to get into shape when she had to squeeze herself into her dream dress. Weighing 11.8 stone, unhappy and unconfident about the way she looked Nicky was desperate to lose weight fast. She lost an incredible 3 stone in only 12 weeks!

Intrigued by how she did it so quickly, I downloaded the Wedding Dress Diet e-book and I was ready to get started.

The Diet

With the cupboards cleared of chocolate and carbs I started day 1 with a fruit and yoghurt breakfast, which was super healthy and very refreshing. I filled my elevenses with a small orange and made sure I drank plenty of water, which surprisingly kept me satisfied until lunch.

I always prepare my lunch in the mornings before I set off to go work, so I chose to make the ham salad as suggested in the e-book diary – substituting the ham for a hard boiled egg, a cheaper option if you’re trying to save for the big day! To ensure I wasn’t still hungry after my salad I ate slowly enjoying my food with no distractions, a handy diet tip that Nicky suggests in the e-book.

I satisfied my post lunch sugar craving with a sweet lemon and ginger herbal tea rather than the usual cheeky biscuit. Ginger tea is great for digestion and also helps prevent colds and flu. Expecting to run to the vending machine for something more satisfactory soon after, my craving soon disappeared.

On my first diet day I found my stroll home a little bit of a struggle as my body adjusted to the lack of carbohydrates and caffeine. But soon enough I felt back to my usual self and I couldn’t believe how easily my body got used to my new healthy eating regime. When I did want something filling, I opted for the chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and spinach served with vegetables. With approximately 250 calories this was delicious and it is now one of my favourite recipes!

The Results

I didn’t have a target weight, but I wanted to look less bloated and feel healthier before hitting the beach, and it totally worked! I lost an incredible half a stone in just 2 weeks! It made a difference writing down everything I ate in the food diary and I loved seeing a change every time I stepped on the scales – this really gave me the motivation to stick with it. It has changed the way I think about food and helped me cut back on snacking.

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