The diet is amazing and having struggled with my weight and tried so many diets this one really works! thank you! I am still going for the full 12 weeks but I have been doing it for just over 8 weeks and have lost an amazing 2 stone.

I am getting married in August next year. I tried on dresses in August this year having just got engaged and felt so fat in them. That was when I decided I must diet and find something that works.

Brides need to know about this diet! I’m just so glad I found it!

I wanted to lose 2 and a half stone. So very nearly there! Although more would be even better! I want to order my dress in a size 10, only one more dress size to go!

Thanks so much for everything!!


After 12 weeks…

Congratulations to Hannah who has now achieved her 2 and half stone weight goal in just 12 weeks!

image1After 12 weeks on the diet I had lost an impressive 2 stone and 8 pounds, reaching my goal of loosing 2 1/2 stone before buying my wedding dress. I have now ordered my wedding dress in a size 12 having originally been told in August that my measurements were a size 18. 

I felt so good trying them on and had so much choice of dresses in a size I could try on. I looked beautiful and everything fitted right and I fell in love with the most beautiful dress and most importantly how I looked in it. 

I am so pleased with what I have achieved thanks so the wedding dress diet. 

So many people have noticed and commented on how good I look. I plan to continue on the diet to maintain my weight and maybe lose a bit more before christmas. 

I have realised that I don’t want to go back to eating carbs as they used to make me feel so bloated and I can see this being a new way of life as I have really enjoyed the food I have been eating on the diet. I can’t get enough of cauliflower pizza, cauliflower rice and courgette spaghetti! 

Thanks so much for everything!